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VFW Post 10148 - Update 09/16/19
A Post Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 18th, at 6:00 PM.

Many have recently asked what can be done to help with our Post's current situation. Answer: Come to Post Meetings! The best way to help shape the new direction of our Post is to attend meetings, speak up, and vote. Increased member involvement is crucial to our Post's success. Hope to see you on Wednesday!

Last meeting was Thursday, September 5th. Please review the Key Takeaways from that meeting.

Message from the District 8 Administrative Team
Comrades, Auxiliary Members, and friends of the post. My name is Ron Chapman. I am a 2 time past District Commander for District 8. A lot of you know me. I have been appointed as the administrative team chairman overseeing 10148. Without going in to great detail because of some issues that have occurred recently the Department of Florida placed the post on suspension for 90 days and has installed the District 8 Administrative team. That is Myself, the commander's from 8191,4643,3991,and 4225. We will have a VFW meeting of the post on 3 September 1800. The purpose of this meeting will be to decide how the post wants to precede and also to find out what they perceive as major issues that need to be fixed. The past is the past and me and the team want to help you proceed as the new and reinvigorated Post 10148. I need as many post members that can to come to the meeting to be there. Even if you stopped going to the post or you only stop in once and awhile your input is important. We will not let this meeting to turn into a shouting match or become argumentative. We want the best for you all and the community. Thank you

Capital Projects Update
With the roof replacement project completed in the spring (and successfully tested during multiple heavy rains!), we were in the process of reviewing options for the repair of the floor in the bar area and along the east side of the building to include the kitchen, restrooms, storage cabinet, and custodial cabinet. The project was in the investigatory phase and contractors had been we engaged to assess the situation and provide recommendations. This project is currently suspended while the District 8 Administrative Team conducts its work. All members and project donors can rest assured that all Post funds (operating and capital) have been properly secured with District oversight at the Post's financial institution, Sunrise Bank. Work on this essential renovation project will resume at a later date.